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Click Here to see a demonstration of the SeeChange Star Model Collaboration Tool.

The SeeChange Star Model

The SeeChange Star Model is a framework that guides the assessment, planning and implementation of organizational change to ensure sustainable performance improvement.
The Star Model helps leaders ensure that change initiatives are driven by a strategy, or a set of strategic business objectives. In addition, the Star Model dictates that all elements of an organization – its people, processes, culture, structure, and information technology – are addressed and linked to the strategy. These elements are interdependent; a change in one area will necessitate change in other areas. Employing the Star Model helps prevent the typical problem of myopia, whereby change is so focused in one area that overall organizational performance improvement is road-blocked.

The Star Model helps ensure that leaders are not blindsided by resistance in hidden areas and that opportunities for performance improvement are optimized.

Star Model Elements

The six elements that comprise the Star Model, and drive the assessment and planning for change, include:

The new direction an organization is taking in response to environmental forces, which can be defined by a set of strategic business objectives and a high-level vision for achieving those objectives.

Changes to organizational design and lines of reporting (often depicted in the organization chart) that will be prompted by the new strategy

Changes to the processes, procedures, and workflows guiding the organization’s operations that will result from the introduction of the new strategy.

Information Technology
Changes to information systems (such as CRM, Internet, etc.) and systems infrastructure that need to occur to support the new strategy.

Changes to the norms, values, and beliefs in the organization that are needed in order to implement thenew strategy.

Changes to the roles, responsibilities and skill sets of individuals in the organization that result from implementing the new strategy.

The Star Model Collaboration Tool©

SeeChange has developed an online tool based on the Star Model framework, allowing for collaborative input from many individuals, and resulting in a more effective and sustainable change effort.

For each Star Model element, a set of questions drives the assessment of the current state of the change initiative and future needs, helping consultants and leaders plan for and implement the change.

The Star Model Collaboration Tool is employed iteratively, to gather more detailed information at each stage of a change initiative, and to update the living change plan that guides implementation. Given that change is a process and not a discrete event, the ultimate change plan should allow for the introduction of the change gradually, by department, function, or even by Star Model element, depending on the organization’s goals.

Click Here for a demonstration of the Star Model Collaboration Tool.