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True improvement does not come from efficiencies alone. Long gone are the days when streamlining business processes was enough to sustain and grow an organization. SeeChange applies our Star Model to assess your organization holistically, pinpoint inhibitors to performance and growth, and create new dynamics that reach beyond efficiency, to organizational effectiveness.

Focus on Opportunities

SeeChange consultants examine your organization from the inside out, getting to the core of what's working and what's not. We focus and build upon the positive aspects, identifying opportunities to:

  • Break down barriers to information flow
  • Help leaders lead, not manage and control
  • Improve team performance, communication, and effectiveness
  • Encourage creative thinking that breaks the mold and improves competitiveness
  • Retain and grow staff so that they and the organization can grow together

Targeted Strategies and Services
SeeChange realizes that not every organization is alike. Far from it, organizations at different stages of development require different strategies. Your organization may be:

  • A start-up in need of structure, standards, and staff maturity
  • A mid-level organization in need of re-focus and renewed creativity
  • A mature organization in need of agility, flexibility and break-the-mold thinking

SeeChange does not apply a cookie cutter approach to all types of organizations and challenges. We assess your current state and desired future, and then apply the right SeeChange service to fit your needs. Our SeeChange improvement services include:

Information Technology Specialty
Many SeeChange clients are immersed in information technology or Internet initiatives that are affecting change across the organization. We recognize the unique challenges of IT, and the broad impact on the strategies, people, processes, structure, and culture of an organization. We focus on helping these organizations manage and leverage the change that is inherent in technology, guiding both providers of information technology solutions, and those that rely on technology for their success.

We leverage our unique combination of IT experience and organization development expertise in three critical IT change areas:

  • IT Organization Improvement - We help your organization become more structured, collaborative, and business-focused, in order to better serve your clients. We look for improvement opportunities through enhanced team collaboration, standard processes and methodologies, and development of staff leadership and communication skills.
  • IT Project Improvement - We apply our Co-Analysis approach to improve the productivity of your projects. We bridge the gap between technology providers and business users, limiting the resistance to change, and optimizing the return on investment of technology solutions.
  • Technology Transition - We help your organization through the change affected by the introduction of information technology. We anticipate and plan for the holistic impact of technology on processes, organization structures, and individual job functions and performance metrics. We facilitate conversations among leaders and their teams to collaboratively define solutions and address resistance issues that make or break system implementations.