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Business Process and Organization Redesign

SeeChange Business Process and Organization Redesign services are focused on breaking down organizational barriers that inhibit the flow of information and limit the effectiveness of your knowledge assets. These barriers commonly result from ingrained processes and structures leftover from yesterday. Often, they no longer support the organization's goals, and leave workers' efforts fragmented and unproductive.

SeeChange helps you bring together the individual brilliance and diverse functions of your organization into a productive whole. We design streamlined business processes and effective organization structures that link to strategic goals and improve your agility and bottom line.

Focus on Improvement

Our goal at SeeChange is to bring you to a desired future quickly and effectively. Other consultants expend significant effort analyzing and documenting the current state for no real benefit. SeeChange consultants conduct an initial assessment of operations to gain an understanding of the current environment. We then employ information about the current state to ascertain the gaps, and focus your team on defining and implementing improvements.

Structured Steps for Success

There are three key steps to a successful SeeChange redesign effort:

  • We define management goals and objectives for your business that drive improvement efforts.
  • We align your new business processes and organizational structure with strategic goals and assess gaps.
  • We design the improved processes and structures iteratively, since organizations function more effectively when the design is shaped to meet the information processing needs posed by the work to be done.

Collaborative Approach
SeeChange employs a collaborative approach that involves your team in the process of improvement from both the top-down and the bottom-up. We work in partnership with your organization's leaders to define clear goals and objectives (the "whats") that drive the improvements. We then join forces with the staff to define the detailed processes (the "hows") that allow the team to reach the goals.

This approach encourages the critical input of those individuals whose jobs are dependent on the work processes. And it is the only way to ensure buy-in, not resistance, to the impending improvements.

Productive Whole

The results of our redesign efforts are tangible improvements to your work processes and organization structures - improvements that allow your organization to function as a productive whole. In addition to these tangible outcomes, your organization will also benefit from improvements in morale. By employing the SeeChange collaborative approach, your organization will experience a shift toward staff ownership and teamwork that will carry forward to ongoing improvement and staff retention and growth efforts.