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Staff Retention and Growth

In the information economy, people are your greatest asset. What does it take to attract, retain, and grow people so they are successful members of your team? Is it about foosball in the halls, beanbag meeting rooms, Friday happy hours, casual dress? Does your organization need to become a corporate playground to attract and retain talent? This type of environment might help; but at SeeChange, we think the key challenge is making your organization a place where your people can do their best.

SeeChange helps you address this challenge by aligning individual with organizational needs, creating an environment where individuals thrive, grow, and contribute to overall success.

Cycle of Staff Performance
SeeChange employs our cycle of staff development to assess staff needs and core competencies. We recommend programs that target current and future skill and competency needs, through a combination of high-impact training, coaching, team building programs, and recruiting. We look for ways to improve individual and team performance, perpetuating the cycle of retention and growth that is fostered by success.

Elements of Success
We team with your organization’s leaders to proactively address the following key elements of employee satisfaction and success:

  • Clear definition of roles and responsibilities, so that individuals truly understand their jobs and how they fit within the organization
  • Feeling of being part of a team and having an impact on the organization is performance
  • Achievable growth path and expectations, and defined performance evaluation process
  • Skills and training needed to do the job well
  • Roving leadership which provides active direction, encouragement, and openness to feedback
  • Culture that encourages openness, trust, and sharing, and empowers staff to make decisions

SeeChange guides leaders toward improved effectiveness and communication, helping each member of your team contribute to continuous improvement. We work with you to ensure your organization is a place that attracts and retains productive and successful people.