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Strategic Change Planning

Strategic Change Planning is at the core of SeeChange's set of offerings, and your organization's improvement initiative. The strategy is the roadmap that allows your organization and people to reach their destination. It is the vision, goals, and objectives that drive the change process at the highest level and down to the day-to-day work. Developing a targeted change strategy is the process of sharpening the axe and the critical first step in the improvement process. SeeChange applies our Star Model to ensure a focused strategy and successful integration with all elements of your organization.

Importance of Strategy
In an economy of rapid change, the ability of your organization to continuously redefine its strategy and adapt to the demands of the market is essential. Most roadblocks to improvement experienced by organizations are due to a lack of clarity on strategy and direction. Organizations become entrenched in ingrained strategies and missions, rather than considering new opportunities and directions as prompted by competition and new market desires. In addition, they fail to connect the strategy to the work and communicate clear expectations to staff.

SeeChange Approach
SeeChange strategic change planning helps remove these typical roadblocks. We help your organization sharpen the axe by employing a structured approach:

  • Define focal issue and vision
  • Define external forces and opportunities
  • Assess internal core competencies, goals, and objectives
  • Prepare the plan which connects goals to all organizational elements
  • Communicate the plan throughout the organization

SeeChange employs collaboration in the strategic planning effort, thus optimizing the quality and speed of results. Collaboration among the leadership defines the strategy, while collaboration among the staff levels clarifies the impact of the strategy on the work. Without the SeeChange collaborative approach, the strategy becomes simply a mission statement for the marketing materials, rather than a tool for true improvement.

SeeChange applies our Star Model to ensure application of the strategy to the holistic elements of your organization, including; structure, people, process, technology, and culture. We team with your organization to promote alignment among these elements and provide a practical and implementable game plan.