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Technology Transition Consulting

Information Technology (IT) and the Internet are revolutionizing the way organizations conduct business, providing unprecedented opportunities for performance improvement. Yet, technology means change, and change is often met with resistance. To capitalize on the opportunities, your organization must be aware of the wide-ranging impacts of technology, and be prepared for change.

SeeChange specializes in helping your organization through technology change by applying our unique technology transition approach. We bridge the gap between technology and people, targeting the process, organization structure, human, and cultural impacts that make or break success. SeeChange teams with organizations implementing technology to plan for change and optimize the benefits of technology to the bottom line.

Focus on Critical Challenges
SeeChange keeps your organization focused on the goal: to improve your effectiveness and make the technology work for you. We collaborate with your project teams and leaders to anticipate and address the wide-ranging challenges experienced with technology implementations. These usually include:

  • Alignment of the new system with overall organization goals to gain ROI
  • Confusion over roles and responsibilities in designing, developing and implementing the system
  • Lack of consideration of organization structure changes and potential process improvements prompted by new technology
  • Tendency to re-create or mimic the old system in order to minimize the change impacts
  • Resistance to job function changes inherent in new technology implementations
  • Lack of computer skills needed to operate and take advantage of the new system
  • Training that is focused on system functions and features, not new job functions and performance goals
  • Continuous revisions and enhancements to the new system that never quite satisfy users' needs

Solution: Star Model
These challenges are all issues of technology transition. SeeChange applies our Star Model to address these issues and the holistic opportunities for improvement prompted by technology. Our technology transition services align with our Star Model and include:

  • Change Management and Strategic Planning - We align the technology initiative to your organization strategy, define the impacts on people, processes, culture, and structure, and anticipate resistance issues.
  • Project Planning and Team Building - We identify the key players on the technology team and prepare them for a productive and successful project.
  • Business Process Analysis - We ensure the new system tightly integrates with your business needs and optimizes performance.
  • Organization Restructuring - We optimize the benefits of the technology by removing barriers to information/data exchange.
  • Staff Readiness and Training - We understand the impact of the new system on your organizational culture and individuals, manage the resistance, and prepare for change via involvement, communications, and re-training.

Collaborative Approach
We emphasize our collaborative and facilitative approach to involve the key stakeholders - including IT management and technical teams, business managers, users, and customers - in the process of transition. The collaborative process ensures organizations:

  • Gain the critical input needed to plan for and design a targeted solution
  • Define and address potential resistance issues early in the process, getting individuals on-board prior to implementation
  • Address the wide-ranging impacts of technology and the interconnectivity between the IT solution, and the process, organization, people, and culture
  • Bridge the gap between the people - your customers, staff users, partners - and your technology solution, so that it will be usable, effective, and provide return on investment

Unique IT and Organization Improvement Experience
Only a unique combination of IT and Internet experience, combined with organization development strategies and expertise, can address the change that accompanies the implementation of technology. SeeChange applies our extensive experience with wide-ranging technologies that tend to force change on an organization‹workflow, knowledge management (KM), electronic document management (EDM), I-commerce, E-commerce, and forms processing. SeeChange helps your organization maximize its return on investment, and smoothly move from a mere presence on the Web to a true E-business.