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Training and Development

Are current economic conditions forcing your organization to do more with less? Is restructuring and downsizing leaving you with critical skill voids and stretching your people beyond their capabilities? If so, the time is now to re-tool your people with the leadership skills and business mindset to get the job done. Skill building not only equips your people to step up to the plate and improve their effectiveness. It builds morale and commitment to the organization.

SeeChange specializes in helping organizations get the most out of their people. SeeChange’s Team Effectiveness Training Programs target the critical skills your team will need to take on a more demanding job – skills such as communications, teamwork, project management, client relationship management, and the ability to adapt to constant change. Our course options include:

We provide a variety of options for lengths and depths of our programs: Executive/Awareness Program (1-Day), Focus on Tools & Techniques (2-Day), and Full (Tools, Techniques, Process) Program (3-Day). These courses are available to both intact teams and open/public groups. Please click on the course above for more information and course outlines and contact us for pricing.

Intensive and Interactive Learning that Sticks
SeeChange programs are hands-on, interactive programs, which means you are learning while doing. We employ experienced facilitators with a combination of IT, facilitation, teambuilding, and project management experience. Our tailored programs typically include:
  • Practical Tools you can use immediately, like context diagramming, risk assessment, stakeholder analysis, and the SeeChange Star Model.
  • Lessons Learned and Case Studies, based on SeeChange’s 20+ years of hands-on field experience leading people and projects.
  • Personal Case Work and Planning, focused on the participants’ own current or recent projects, with opportunity to work through the challenges and create a usable plan.
  • Improved Teamwork, with team members who represent the cross-organizational stakeholders you must deal with on your own projects.
  • Follow-up Conversations and Coaching, with participants to ensure the relevancy and durability of the new skills.

Consulting and Coaching for Ongoing Results
SeeChange specializes in helping our clients achieve ongoing results from their training investments. One study shows that, when training is augmented by coaching, the average increase in productivity is 88%.1 Therefore, we offer a range of consulting services that we bundle with our training modules to ensure targeted programs that have real impact. Our services include:

  • Competency/Needs Assessment
  • "Blended” Program Planning
  • Course Tailoring/Customization
  • Post-Course Mentoring and Coaching
  • Distance Learning
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Teambuilding
  • Workshop Facilitation

Strategic Focus on IT Team Development
If restructuring is happening across industries and organizations, nowhere is it more prevalent than in IT departments and high-tech companies. Budgets are being slashed, staffs are being reduced, programming functions are being off-shored, ongoing technology change is prompting need form more versatile ‘techies.’

SeeChange specializes in the particular people challenges of the IT sector, applying our hands-on IT project experience with our relationship management expertise. We help shift the ‘techie’ mindset so that key team players are performing and delivering solutions, not just technology. We apply our 3 Ps Performance Model to improve the following core competencies:

  • People Skills - relationship-building, teamwork, communications and collaboration
  • Process Skills – streamlining and standardizing business process to optimize effectiveness
  • Project Skills – managing work in discrete projects and focusing on customer-driven results
SeeChange’s unique approach aligns with industry expert Gartner Group. Their research shows that companies that implement approaches emphasizing key business and interpersonal factors will reduce failed projects by 30%.

Achieving Real Results – Client Testimonials
SeeChange programs were employed as part of a federal agency enterprise IT initiative, resulting in streamlined processes, 42% decrease in user burden, and a 60% increase in role clarity. Instead of a system termination, the agency is now moving to Phase II.

“Your approach helped us speed up our decision process and think outside the box.” EDMS Project Manager, Federal Government

“The change [Star] model provided a new way of looking at processes within organizations.” Business Sponsor, State Government Agency

“Comprehensive material, thoughtful exercises, understandable and easy to use tools.” Practice Manager, Technology Vendor

“Great content flow and energy.” President, Management Consulting Firm

1 Executive Coaching as a Transfer of Training Tool: Effects on Productivity in a Public Agency by Gerald Olivero, K. Denise Bane, and Richard E. Kopelman published in Public Personnel Management, Volume 26, No. 4, (Winter 1997).