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SeeChange is an organization improvement consulting and training firm committed to helping your organization become the change you want, and need, to see. Anne Pellicciotto, President, founded SeeChange in 1999, with a vision to create whole organizations. Her holistic approach, embodied in the SeeChange Star Model, combines the left-brained technology and business considerations with the right-brained human element. SeeChange helps organizations not only get through change, but capitalize on change to create real improvements in performance, morale, and overall organizational health and sustainability.

Change Imperative

Organizations of the 21st Century are faced with accelerating change, prompted by information technology and the Internet, globalization, and changing demographics. These dynamic conditions provide opportunities for your organization to:

  • Offer new products and services
  • Serve new customers and broader markets
  • Organize in more efficient, virtual structures
  • Partner in new and different ways
  • Capture, retain, and grow your knowledge assets

SeeChange helps your organization capitalize on these opportunities, and survive in this dynamic economy, by embracing change. We guide your organization to the adaptable and proactive end of the change spectrum, employing a collaborative approach to all projects that involves individuals in the process of change and improvement. We create owners of change that carry forward, not only immediate improvements, but a culture of continuous improvement and growth.

Unique Combination of Expertise
SeeChange combines expertise in organization development, business process analysis, facilitation, and training, with hands-on IT project experience, to provide an array of improvement services. In addition, we apply the SeeChange guiding principles of structure, collaboration, and business focus to ensure success on every client engagement.

  • Structure - We employ proven, structured approaches, such as our Star Model and our Co-Analysis approach, to ensure a smooth process and optimal outcomes.
  • Collaboration - We involve you and your stakeholders in the process of change and create owners who ensure the change sticks.
  • Business Focus - We help you define clear goals and keep your eye on the ball throughout the process of change.

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